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Where has LEAN estates been?

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Not Wasting Time For Sure

It has been a long time since we have posted an update regarding our real estate opportunities, and for a good reason. Well, we have worked tirelessly to not only cut costs but to optimize our success by developing beneficial lines of businesses and ultimately, relocating. We are incredibly excited to announce that we have recently relocated from the Central Coast of California to the desert of Tucson, Arizona!

In the last year, we reinvested our time and capital in developing two exciting business opportunities that we firmly believe will help us accomplish our mission within LEAN estates: our mission to provide better than market returns while benefiting the lives of our residents, our team and every individual that touches our business.

Zacarias Engineer

First, we expanded the capabilities of our sister company, Zacarias Engineering. Although Zacarias Engineering had been established years before our real estate journey, their abilities were limited to Mechanical design and analysis. We provided the funds necessary to integrate software engineering and additive manufacturing capabilities for both consumer and commercial use. With these new facets, we plan to improve our real estate automation processes, usability, and marketing campaigns.

To learn more about Zacarias Engineering, check out their website by clicking here.

Retro Vibes Barbershop

Second, a joint venture to upgrade the local barbershop industry! We have been spending approximately 70% resources collaborating with a team of engineers and local barbers in developing inexpensive hardware and software to optimize and streamline the way barbershops conduct business. The aim is to provide an economical management system that has been in high demand by local barbers. This is known to a few as the "Retro Vibes Barbershop" project! Scheduled to make its first appearance in the later part of 2019.


Whats Next?

These two new business ventures will not only propel us to new heights, but they will also provide new investment opportunities to the public. In addition, our relocation was not by chance. The Old Pueblo services as home to many of our strong relationships ranging from contractors to material suppliers south of the border. We are tremendously excited to be here and even more excited to work with Tucson investors and entrepreneurs.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to AZREIA Tucson and everyone one who came out. They not only provided a fantastic networking opportunity this last week but also welcomed us with such great and positive hospitality. We look forward to next week’s meetup!


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